It's now been two weeks since i've given up both facebook and instagram and although i'm still feeling a tad wobbly on the "validation" issue i'm also feeling very liberated.  

My computer spends more time closed on my desk in my studio now and i'm concentrating on other things in my life without the overload of social media.  I've enjoyed getting back to just doing this blog, it's a place where i feel i can be free to create and be one hundred per cent myself

I've been busy playing around with constructing and deconstructing some stitched textile pieces that were hanging around in unfinished projects.  

This pieces was originally a long thin (2.5cm) strip of different fabric pieces stitched together... with a "Ooh...i wonder what would happen  if i did this..." attitude and cutting and stitching again and again with different threads using both sides.

Two different sides

This pieces is approx  6" x 4"

I'm really inspired by how this has turned out and am already working on other pieces...
watch this space...

"We've taken the world apart,
 but we have no idea what to do with the pieces"

Self Awareness

Self awareness is something i aspire to on a daily basis...to be utterly and unapologetically self aware!  The days go on and life trickles by and it feels impossible at times to tell right from left or up from down!  Fortunately, for anything going on in my life that makes me feel down i engage 'hope' and have the ability to set alternative thoughts and ideas into motion (the pandoras box story i read when i was a little girl stayed with me) i'm nothing if not strong when a challenge presents itself.

Recently things in my life have started to shift in a major way.  One thing is that I have finally realised how toxic social media and the necessary commitments to it have become in my life.  I had already cut back hugely but it amazes me how quickly one can get drawn into whats going on in other peoples lives.  Recently i'd mainly used facebook only to catch up with my daughter and her wedding plans and concentrated more on Instagram - however, I then realised that it had become a substitute for facebook.  I started to get depressed when i went out without my phone camera especially when i saw a photo opportunity, instead of concentrating on my beautiful surroundings and just being i was looking for photo opportunities.  Then i started to worry when i couldn't comment on peoples posts due to time or technical stuff, "would i be forgotten" and "oh my god i have to get my work out there", and then there's the constant stream of sponsored advertisements all making it more difficult to see the posts of the people i had followed and trawling through it all takes so much time.  When I think about it, i realise i’ve been making my life so much harder than it ever needs to be simply because of my need to check in with social media day in and day out.

Writing this blog, a blog, is, for me anyway, so much more fulfilling.  I can gather my thoughts, ideas, creativity etc positively here, share photos taken without too much thought for speed and without anything going on in the background to distract.  Unfortunately, social media has become a learned behaviour in my life, and one which i would like to cast off.  I realise that in this day and age it's unthinkable, difficult even, but as from today i'm ditching both facebook and instagram and exchanging them for this blog and other things such as;

"peace, quiet and space: making time for reflecting with my morning coffee
health and well being; looking after my body and recognising when i'm making decisions out of boredom or discomfort, 
nourishing and honouring those people who keep my vibrations at an all time high, respecting them and creating valuable space and time for them, 
allowing my choices to come straight from my soul and recognising those who have issues with them are not meant to be in my sphere,
and speaking for myself slowly and purposefully without needing comparison or validation".  

Hopefully this will lead to more self awareness, building a life strictly around my own sacred morals and values and operating from a place of true undeniable authenticity.

To all my beautiful friends: 
i'm here, 
i'll be stitching, painting, and being generally creative, and i will look for and follow the blogs and websites of you all.  my email is tina@antiqueideology.co.uk  please make contact, and if you want to see what i'm doing come back here!

Peace, love and calm to you all
I have a new Etsy shop:

Gorgeous little pouches made for my Etsy shop this week.  
These are just big enough to store a small piece of jewellery or some coins for your handbag or pocket

All sold now, but will be making some more for next week.  
Check out my Etsy shop and my instagram for news.


I have a new Etsy shop:

I've been enjoying working on some textile brooches, through this cold, snowy and dreary Winter. Here are some of the ones i'm currently working on.

 both sides - hmmm....reversible? maybe... 
 I never tire of gathering snippets of old fabric and manipulating them into shapes held together with thread and finally piecing them together like a jigsaw.  The results are random but so lovely in their own way.

Further experimenting with clay and wire for embellishing.

Two finished works in progress always a delight to get things off the 'WIP' table. 
 'Boro' purses made with fabrics given to me by two dear friends.  
I have a thing with red stitch at the moment, maybe it brightens up these dark cold days!

These delightful little scrap fabric books are made from Vintage ephemera.
There are between 12 and 18 pages of vintage ephemera scraps, including the covers, hand stitched into a booklet and then scraps of vintage Japanese, European and American quilt fabrics placed between the pages. There are approximately between 25-30 pieces of fabric of various small sizes, some are snippets and some are larger. It is tied together with a strip of vintage fabric.

The fabrics can be used in small projects or just kept and admired. You can a
lso add some of your own fabrics.

 Available in my  'New' Etsy Shop
'Fabric Scrap Books'


Felt a touch of the blues these last few days, been a bit poorly and unable to move around freely and in pain, which has lowered my mood slightly.

I did manage to get a little sorting done in preparation for my 'Boro' Workshop here on Saturday.  I have four wonderful ladies joining me and was slowly (due to a painful trapped nerve in my leg) digging out all my 'boro' resources in preparation.  In the process of delving into the dark recesses of cupboards i found these little beauties "Poetry Houses" which i had completely forgotten about.  Carefully placed in a box at the back of the cupboard wrapped in gorgeous tissue paper, it was like Christmas all over again!

These precious tiny buildings are made of paper clay.  They are so beautiful and very delicate. The walls are very thin, clay is not a medium i am used to working with.  I love the imperfections in each one.

Painted blue (matching my current mood) and embellished with ephemera, fabrics, gold leaf and sculpture.  They were part of my exhibition "Nothing but a House' a few years ago.  I made seven in total and sold four at the time.  They've been tucked away since so i thought i'd show them to you.

"The noonday dream... of real worlds"

"Because to us"

"Liberty Whispering Me"

They're made from air drying clay, modeled into the walls and roof of the house and dried slowly over a number of weeks. They were then painted with water colour paints of indigo blue and sepia.  The chairs were sculpted from mount board and words cut from vintage books.  The fabric rug is a scrap of American quilt fabric and vintage ephemera from ledgers, letters, envelopes etc embellish the walls.

These are very rough looking, holes in the roof, uneven windows etc, this was intentional.  They are free standing or can be attached to a wall via a nail or hook through the back window.  They will be available in my Etsy shop later this evening.