A new 'Boro' Purse in the making, almost finished.  
 I love the beautiful reds in this mixed with the indigo of the Japanese boro fabrics.

 It has three pockets on the inside and one on the outside, just a few more stitches to go to tidy it up and it's ready for sale.

I've also been working on another 'Boro' Jewellery piece

My Studio, in it's current state:

I really don't mind the mess but it needs sorting to prepare for the workshop i have at the end of January.  It incurs some heavy lifting and moving out of furniture and moving something else in it's place.

This gorgeous haberdashery cupboard is being moved out to another room as there is now room for it in the Antique ideology shop, I'm a tad sad at losing it but it's what happens when other large items are sold in the shop, as i am only the guardian of these beautiful pieces until they're needed.

In return i will be the proud 'guardian' of a beautiful old school cupboard, which will also be useful to me.

This huge set of drawers are also going, as they need a little restoration and it's time.  The boro hangings will be re-positioned around the new furniture.

The table will stay for workshops and as this room is also the "Part of your Story..." shop (open by appointment only) and my sanctuary i have ordered a sofa to be comfortable whilst stitching.

More on the transformation soon 

I'm not normally a Winter person, more of an Autumn person really, but i'm loving being Cwtched up in my studio here in rural Wales slow stitching whilst the wind and rain howls and rages around outside.  Hot coffee, 1945 black and white versions of Sherlock Holmes on Youtube, the company of my gorgeous Lizzie dog and i've managed to finish these beautiful scarves. 

They are all for sale, please see the "Buy Accessories" page link above for details.

"Part of your Story..." Textile Jewellery

 Necklace, with shell and glass beads

 Necklace hand stitched with annealed wire links and textile beads

 Necklace hand stitched with annealed wire links


As some of you may know i've been away for a few months, not permanently but most weeks through the summer attending the fairs with Antique Ideology.  It's been an amazing, interesting, cold, warm, stressful, frustrating and exhausting experience.  I'm now home for the winter and ensconced in my studio and then the shop when it opens again in a few weeks.  In between fairs, through all the travelling and the long days i stitched.  I had no plans i just packed a ton of thread, a ton of fabric, needles and scissors and just stitched, the process was slow and wonderful and i was quite pleased with the results too. 

I didn't intend to do any sort of picture but i love how sometimes you see something emerging, you can choose to go with it or ignore it, either works for me.

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Some of these will be framed and sold under my "Part of your Story..." label.  But for the moment they will go on the Works in Progress  page.

This adorable little bunny emerged a while ago and i'm currently working on a fox.  They're quite fun to do but fiddly.


We're taking Antique ideology back on the road this weekend and i'm hoping i can find some space to display some "Part of your Story..." stock.

We've been working on labels and packaging for the past few weeks, it's been intense as it can be quite expensive to have everything made.

we finally decided on these gorgeous 'vegan' cork leather labels from a business on Etsy, custom printed with "Part of your Story..."which we sewed onto the scarves and bags and also added them to the information label.  It was nice to be able to support another small business.  We also purchased some paper bags in two sizes and everything else we recycled and made  ourselves.

The fabric scrap books with each purchase containing tiny scraps of vintage and antique Japanese and quilting fabrics, encased in vintage ephemera.

Feel free to email me with any enquiries tina@antiqueideology.co.uk