Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Salvo Fair

Hello, what glorious weather we're having here in the UK at present, very hot.

We're taking Antique ideology back on the road this weekend to the Salvo Fair at Henley on Thames. where i'm hoping i can find some space to display the "Part of your Story..." stock.

We've been working on labels and packaging for the past few weeks, it's been intense as it can be quite expensive to have everything made.

we finally decided on these gorgeous 'vegan' cork leather labels from a business on Etsy, custom printed with "Part of your Story..."which we sewed onto the scarves and bags and also added them to the information label.  It was nice to be able to support another small business.  We also purchased some paper bags in two sizes and everything else we recycled and made  ourselves.

The fabric scrap books with each purchase containing tiny scraps of vintage and antique Japanese and quilting fabrics, encased in vintage ephemera.

Please see the 'Part of your Story..."' Page at the top of this page for information about the "Part of your Story..."  ethos and/or come and see us at Salvo on Saturday and Sunday 24/25 June.

We will update the "Buy" page as soon as we return from Salvo.  Feel free to email me with any enquiries


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How many stitches?!!

This stitched bag is going to be amazing ❤

This is a close-up, 'detail' picture of the inside of the hand bag i'm currently working on.  There must be a zillion stitches inside and out and i think it's almost finished now....

So many stitches... The secret is knowing when to stop ❤

... it's very hard to stop, almost the mixed media of stitching, it's hard to know when it's finished and very easy to keep adding to it.  

New 'Studio' photo

My ever-changing studio.  We keep finding these beautiful cupboards at the antique/salvage shows we attend, they're very beautiful and tell such a story.  This one is a gorgeousl green colour and rescued from someone's garage, hence the bursts of red spray paint.

Ever changing studio....loving this look ❤

This one is old, about 200 years old, i'm just going to wax it to brighten up the paint...


...perfect for storing snippets of fabric 

It's great for storing my Japanese fabrics in.

Huge Kokeshi dolls seen at Peterborough Antiques Fair earlier this beautiful

This Kokeshi doll is about a foot tall ❤ @donifolk

❤ @ Peterborough Antiques fair ❤


Sunday, 7 May 2017

Three Beans in a cloth...

‘If you can wrap three beans in a piece of cloth, 
then it is big enough to keep.’

... very true, but to be honest if i could wrap even one bean, or less, in a piece of cloth  i'd keep it and do.  Some of the smallest pieces of fabric in my collection wouldn't wrap a pin, but i know that it's precious and will get used somewhere at some point., 

Scraps of fabric used in 'Part of your Story...' creations:

Vintage ticking and American and British quilts pieces carefully unpicked

Vintage Japanese futon and kimono fabrics from Japan

 It was very tempting to sell these mannequins when i was a very good price for them, but in the end i couldn't part with them, i think they're really beautiful and look good in the studio.

Contemporary linens used for my scarves, they look lovely all together


 "When we engage in fibre arts, 
we are creating something, 
but we're also participating in historic traditions tens of thousands of years old.  
You are not only making art for your soul 
and for future generations, 
you are ...
embodying the work of our ancestors."
~ The Woven Road

Friday, 21 April 2017

Nothing is perfect...

"Nothing Lasts. 
Nothing is finished.  
Nothing is perfect"

"Part of your Story..." a label for my designs and makes of 'fashion' accessories:
(scarves, purses, bags, jewellery etc).  

I am also co-owner of "Antique ideology", specialising in Industrial and Decorative Antiques.  Most of our Summer months are spent on the road at various fairs around the country (UK) and we have a store/show room here in beautiful Montgomery (on the Welsh/Shropshire borders) where i also have my creative studio:

 "Part of your Story..." studio
This room is approximately ... It is on the second floor of our 18th century home/business, a big(ish window) in the corner of the room which, unfortunately, doesn't let in a great amount of light.  However, i have six large strip lights on the ceiling creating great lighting.

One of it's features is the incredible 'wonky' flooring....which i love, but is not so good for levelling out furniture.  This building is old and amongst other things it was the 'sorting office' for the Post Office next door.  

Some of the walls are decorated with Vintage Japanese hand stitch quilts in the 'Boro' style.  I originally purchased these with the intention of taking them apart for the beautiful fabric, but they were so lovely i decided to keep them in their whole state.

These are my only two vintage Japanese Kokeshi Dolls, i found these in an antique centre in Shrewsbury about five years ago for £11 (for both), they are signed by the artist and are so lovely.  I also collect tins, small tins, the rustier the better.

This Studio is still a work in progress at present as the plan is for it to be a working studio/shop

These are some of the 'Part of your Story...' accessories that will be/are available for sale (i'm just working on packaging (more on this soon).  

"I want to live simply.  
I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books i'll never be tested on.
To stitch and paint because i want to and not because i have something to prove.
I'll listen to my body, fall asleep when the moon is high and wake up slowly. No rush.
I want to not be governed by money or clocks...
...or any of the artificial constraints humanity imposes on itself.
I just want to be, boundless and infinite!    

~ Zen saying

Until next time...