‘If you can wrap three beans in a piece of cloth, 
then it is big enough to keep.’

... very true, but to be honest if i could wrap even one bean, or less, in a piece of cloth  i'd keep it and do.  Some of the smallest pieces of fabric in my collection wouldn't wrap a pin, but i know that it's precious and will get used somewhere at some point., 

Scraps of fabric used in 'Part of your Story...' creations:

Vintage ticking and American and British quilts pieces carefully unpicked

Vintage Japanese futon and kimono fabrics from Japan

 It was very tempting to sell these mannequins when i was a very good price for them, but in the end i couldn't part with them, i think they're really beautiful and look good in the studio.

Contemporary linens used for my scarves, they look lovely all together


 "When we engage in fibre arts, 
we are creating something, 
but we're also participating in historic traditions tens of thousands of years old.  
You are not only making art for your soul 
and for future generations, 
you are ...
embodying the work of our ancestors."
~ The Woven Road


Lynn Holland said...

I love your values Tina and your love of old cloth.
I wouldn't have sold the mannequins either, they are fantastic
Lynn xxx

Tina Gilmore said...

Thank you lovely lady, really enjoying it all at the moment xxx

Ali Ferguson said...

Lovely words and pics Tina - I especially love the second image - a beautiful faded fragment! Glad it is going well xx

Tina Gilmore said...

Aww Thank you Ali, faded fragments should be framed. Hope you're well too xx