Tina Gilmore...

“Part of your Story…” was founded in 2015 following an earlier purchase of an old tattered and over-mended Japanese 'boro' quilt.  Research into the Japanese ‘Boro’ process gave way to a fascination and love of the stories and aesthestics behind 'Boro' and it's ascension to the Mingei movement. Already interested in European and American quilting and the 'make do and mend' ethos. I have since discovered 'slow and contemplative hand stitching', which is adhered to in all the items made here.

All our scarves, purses, bags and jewellery are slow stitched and showcase traditional craftsmanship and care

I am a mixed media and 'assemblage' artist.

I am also co-owner of Antique ideology. We have a beautiful bricks and mortar shop in Montgomery, Powys (just over the Welsh/Shropshire border) where we specialise in decorative and industrial antiques.

Tina Gilmore