The Studio

My stitching and painting studio is situated inside my home in Montgomery, Mid Wales (not deep dark Wales, we’re actually just over the border of Shropshire and not far from Shrewsbury).

It's light and airy, a creative oasis of thought and production, the walls and corners are taken up with a huge vintage bank of drawers, a haberdashery cabinet and various other cupboards for storage along with vintage Stockman dress stands wrapped with the scarves and bags.  The walls are lined with Japanese Boro quilts, fabrics and Kimono’s. The shelves contain vintage tins and Kokeshi dolls.  A long pine work table is centered in the middle of the room piled high with various snippets of quilt and Japanese ‘Boro’ fabrics, scissors, needles and threads:  this is where I hold my workshops and the creation begins - freedom to play with colour and process.