Our Story...

“Part of your Story…”
The past, the present and hope for the future…
We believe in products that last longer, 
it is better for you 
and the environment.

Old textiles tell a story, once there was meaning to it's creation, every stitch carries a thought, whether carried out for decoration or necessity, each one will have a thought through it and it's echoes can be heard if you listen carefully.

“Part of your Story…” design and make hand stitched accessories imbued with values of responsibility to consumption and environmental impact.

our philosophy is to create accessories that are aesthetically pleasing, for you to enjoy and feel proud to wear and own, to keep for a while and pass on.

Scarves are made from 'new' scrap linen which has been hand cut by eye from the pieces given(no patterns and no machinery is used), hence the unusual shape and design.  They are then embellished with vintage and antique Japanese 'boro' fabrics and some 19th and early to mid 20th century ‘European’ and ‘American’ quilt fabrics sourced from antique markets around the UK .  

Purses and bags are made up of Fabric scraps sewn together 
in 'Boro' style.

Each item is hand stitched, slowly and contemplatively, using vintage thread also sourced from antique markets.  Scarves and purses can take approximately two to three months to complete, sometimes longer and bags can take six months to a year to complete.
Enclosed with each purchase is a tiny fabric scrap book containing snippets of fabric and thread and we encourage you to ‘add’ these and/or any other small patchwork size pieces of your own (new or old scrap fabrics, maybe something that’s precious to you) to your purchase.

Please make these items your own and part of 'your' story, they are not meant ever to be discarded even if accidentally torn, worn or stained, but instead to be kept, 'mended', loved and passed on to future generations in the true ‘Boro’ and ‘Make do and mend’ style.

enjoy with all your heart

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