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Beautiful hand stitched linen boro patch scarves:

New linen in various colours, double thickness, hand stitched in vintage thread (no pattern) edged and embellished in vintage/antique Japanese futon and kimono fabric and snippets of 1930's - 50's American and British quilts. - £65 each


Pink and Grey Scarf £65

Blue and Grey Scarf £65

Red and Navy Scarf £65

Charcoal Grey Scarf - £65

Green Scarf - £65

Blue Check Scarf - £65

Dark Grey Scarf - £65

Warm Rust Scarf - £65


This beautiful large 'boro' shoulder bag has been a long time making due to the amount of stitches required.  It's completely hand stitched to no particular pattern inside and out.  There is a thin layer of wadding between and it has a mixture of vintage Japanese futon and kimono fabric and 1950's American and British quilt fabric.  The handles are made from vintage French ticking.  The whole piece is stitched and stitched again using vintage threads. - £175

Hand stitched from a piece of vintage 'Durham' quilt
embellished inside and out with vintage fabric and thread

 JBP1 (front) £30

JBP1 (front detail)

JBP1 (back)

JBP1 (front)

JBP1 (inside)

JBP2 £30




JBP3 £30

 JBP3 (Back)

 JBP4 (front) £30

JBP4 (back) 

Purses/Wallets (varying size)
hand stitched using vintage japanese boro and American quilt fabrics and thread

JBP5 (front) £27

JBP5 (Back)

JBP6 (front) £48 (includes insert wallet)


JBP6 with insert wallet

 JBP6 (back)

JBP7 (front) £25


 JBP7 (back)

 JBP8 (front) £30


Bag (Red) £65

Bag (blue) £65

Boro Style Jewellery, made from vintage Japanese Boro and European/American quilt snippets, thread, annealed wire (shaped to make links), fabric beads and other beads. 

 JBEY earrings £12


 JBEB Earrings £12

Statement pieces

JBNB Necklace £30 



Necklace  JBNG £30




 JBNR Necklace £30



Pin cushions £12