Works in Progress

This page gives me the opportunity to show some of the pieces that i am currently working on, as well as being a very helpful visual record for unfinished work.  

Textile Brooches

I enjoy making these jewellery pieces, gathering together snippets of fabric and manipulating it into shapes held together with thread and then connecting the random pieces like a jigsaw puzzle.  This is the result of some of the work.  

Boro Necklaces (coming soon)

I also use clay and wire to hold the pieces together

'Boro' style Purses

Abstract Stitched Art

Beautiful stitched wall hangings 'boro' style made from vintage (damaged) army canvas bags, deconstructed and embellished with components from the bag, fabrics and thread.
These are hard going to hand stitch but wonderfully satisfying, the beautiful patina of the canvas works well with the overall look.  It seemed a shame to waste the buckles and handles so i incorporated them into the design.  They look just as wonderful from the other side.

'Boro' Bag

This bag has been in the making for about two and a half years!  No hurry to finish it as it's for myself.  Beautifully hand stitched inside and out (or it will be when finished), fabrics added at intervals.  I probably get to spend an hour or so a week stitching this and i love how it is developing.  The layers of fabric added and stitched over has metamorphosed it's shape and style.
The inside still needs a lot of stitching, it's a slow and contemplative task
It also has a purse

Another 'Boro' bag in the same style as above
This one has two style and is made with ticking fabric. The red fabric is easy to stitch but the blue side is so much more of a challenge
I haven't got around to stitching the inside of this one yet

 Boro skirt (updated pictures coming soon)

This beautiful corduroy skirt (picked up from a charity shop for £1.99) has been covered and stitched over with vintage Japanese boro fabrics.  It's a slow process but very addictive.  I intend to do the waistline and also the underneath.  It will be thick and heavy 
and perfect with a pair of boots and a thick jacket in the winter!  This is for myself so there is no time plan for finishing this, it will be ongoing whenever i have a minute.


Inspired by the Nui Project in Japan, i started embroidering this vintage shirt.  
My intention is to start them and sell under the "Part of your Story..." label for people to add to/finish themselves.  I have the shirts (all 20 of them) but it's a time-consuming project and maybe one for when i'm out on the road again next year!


Stitched Pictures

I started stitching these pictures whilst out on the road with Antique ideology, i had no particular plan to start off with, i just liked the slow stitching with coloured thread and soon a theme emerged and i went with it.  I like the way this has turned out, i have some more work to do, but I hope to finish this over the Winter months.  


Another piece started whilst out on the road (yes i had a thing with pink thread, it was summer and there was colour everywhere) Still a bit of work to be done but hopefully it will also be finished over the Winter months.


An abstract piece inspired by Rieko Koga, this piece is so beautiful to work on, i feel anything goes and am intrigued to see what emerges...perhaps a bold colour somewhere.  There's no hurry to finish this one, it's like the caterpillar waiting to emerge as the butterfly.  Keep watching.


Another abstract, unintentional pattern, this was started whilst in the van travelling to a fair, i remember we were crossing lots of bridges and waterways, it seems they inspired this.  Again no hurry to finish, i'm enjoying the randomness of the pattern.